In a nutshell, this edition provides:

1)Global Retail News highlights new reports from Catalina (Lidl USA impact analysis) and Kantar (Omnichannel), growth in organics,  store choice driver research findings, the tariff war looming between US and Europe, China cross-border e-commerce growth, meal solution deals, new store formats in France for the elderly, the Carrefour collaboration with Google and Pepsi’s acquisition of health snacking company Bare

2)New Product Trends with a spotlight on meatless protein products, as well as new product and PB innovation at PLMA Amsterdam. Also a look at novelty in the yoghurt aisle, long lasting avocados, personalized diapers, and detergent bottles made from ocean plastic.

3)A guest topic from Joe Cook with a one-page synopsis on why Private Brands are so important

4)The latest market KPI: economic indicators, commodity prices and major currencies.

5) A deep-dive into Aldi’s evolving success story: Aldi - the inventor of the hard discounter store format - is evolving to appeal to a larger clientele and address consumer & competitor dynamics.


This report is under the original design format. 

Global Insights Report - July 2018 - Aldi


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