In a nutshell, this edition provides:

1. Global Retail News and strategic activities including latest trade deals, Chinese swine flu, assortment curation, online grocery growth potential, a new apparel PB brand for Kroger, a new communication campaign from Carrefour, compostable bags, cannabis infused beverages, experiential marketing report, new hypermarket format, the debut of Jack’s discount store (Tesco) and finally Carrefour's PB shelf test.

2. New Product Trends put a spotlight on sugar reduction, Natural Foods Expo East trends and products and product applications with hemp.

3. A guest topic from analytics and insights specialist Joe Cook on data science.

4. The latest market KPI: economic indicators, commodity prices and major currencies.

5. Monthly theme: Costco's Winning Formula: A look at Costco’s history, key metrics, core values, business model, core competitive advantages and latest initiatives.

Global Insights Report - October 2018 - Costco


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