Our Global Insights reports are published monthly. They offer a curated compilation of relevant industry news, best practices, latest trends, new innovative product launches and global best practices from around the world.

It is highly recommended for anyone needing to stay up-to-date on the latest market dynamics, having to make strategic decisions in retail and product development in the consumables sector.

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The report consists of following components :

  1. Main global retail industry news and strategic initiatives.

  2. Relevant consumer trends and new innovative products

  3. Major economic, commodity and currency performance indicators

  4. Monthly theme* deep dive & best practices that range from consumer targets to best-in-class private/national brand activation, successful retailer profiles, newest store formats or lifestyle-focused product series.


* Subscriber requests for specific theme coverage are given serious consideration as long as the themes are relevant to the larger customer base.

Contact us in case you want a customized subscription. 

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Global Insights Report

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